11 August 2009

Football Practice - Day 1

First day of practice went great! Pics over at Flickr.

He got stung by a bee when he accidently kneeled on it doing lunges. Didn't phase him much.

The hand-me-down cleats were a bit small so he was uncomfortable.

The weather was warm and sunny - but there were breaks from the sun with the clouds and a nice breeze. Thankfully the 106 degree temps from a couple weeks ago didn't stick around long.

The sport goggles we bought him just do not work with the football helmet. We can't keep them in place when putting the helmet on so hopefully he will be able to see well enough without them. He spent most of the practice yesterday without them and did just fine so. . .

He wasn't as wiped as we thought he would be and still was VERY excited about football so no worries here :)

Oh wait, I do have a problem. Practice will be from 5:30 to 7:30 and we would still like to keep the kids bedtime of 8:30 (Adam 9:00) especially when school starts in a few weeks but we still have to do dinner. I am a menu planner and I'm trying to plan quick to make or easy to prepare ahead of time dinners on practice nights, but I do have some problems.

How do I get something cooked and on the table within 30 minutes of getting home so the kids have a reasonable amount of time to eat, digest, bathe, and get ready for bed?

I can't put things in the oven to bake while at practice, even at a very low temperature, because of my possessed oven. And some things just won't cook fast enough to be on the table soon enough...and we do not need any more junk food/fast food/take out in our diet then we already do (and I'm trying to get rid of it all together).

I can bake ahead and warm up later, but would prefer not to do that often since I will have to store the already cooked food in the fridge and sometimes, there is no room - like right now, 2 days after grocery day and its stuffed with fruits and veggies before they are consumed.

Ideas please?

Oh and crockpot ideas would be appreciated too. I have a few recipes, but not many (and some picky eaters too) so more would be greatly appreciated. Last night was crockpot lasagna which was great and will be made again.

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