19 August 2009

New Obsession

I've found a new obsession.

The Outlander series.

I finished Outlander Monday after starting it last Thursday, and I was only able to finish it that quickly because I spent probably 7 hours reading on Sunday. I used the excuse that I needed to catch up on laundry - which I did (10 loads and still I didn't finish).

Robert is concerned so I'm going to have to work at better hiding this obsession than I did with Twilight. The 7 hours with the book planted in front of me didn't help my case.

Not buying the books this time (yet, gotta convince Robert first - he's scared). But since I'm not buying them I have to wait for them to come available through the library. There are waiting lists, but thankfully most are not that long.

I have book #2 and #3 requested so that transition will go better.

I'm #81 on the waiting list for the new-soon-to-be-released book. . . .

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