26 August 2009

Mommy FAIL!!!!

And I failed bad.

I failed toothfairy duty.

Carus lost a tooth the other day and forgot to put it under her pillow that night - or forgot to check the next morning, I'm not sure because I didn't remember it. BUT first thing this morning, she comes out of her room holding the plastic zipper bag with the tiny tooth in it with the most scandalized look on her face.

"The toothfairy didn't come!"

"Oh, uh, well I bet she is super busy with all the back to school teeth that are being lost." Said with my best I'm-mom-so-I-know-everything look on my face.

'Cause yeah Becca, that makes sense. Everyone knows that kids collectively lose the teeth when its time to go back to school. Like duh! *rolls eyes*

Carus bought it though. She agreed with me looking at her bag and turned to go put it back under her pillow.

"Hey Carus, put that on the fridge so we remember to put it under your pillow tonight."

Which roughly translates to: 'put it on the fridge because your failure of a mother needs a reminder to do her duty.'

This isn't the first time I've slacked on my toothfairy duty. I have (more than once) snuck in there to make the switch in the morning before they woke - one time Carus was even starting to wake up.

Robert asked if maybe it was time to come clean. I don't want to. I'm pretty sure that Adam has it figured out, and I love that he is keeping up appearances for his baby sister. Plus, with how fast Carus is getting older and all that is discussed in school yards I'm sure that it won't be long until she knows.

I have a theory that kids handle the truth of Santa, Easter bunny, and Toothfairy better when they have figured it out on their own. At least I did.

I know several people who chose to never start the 'lie' with their kids claiming its because of the trauma they suffered as a child when finding out the truth. And I don't get it. Seriously, what trauma?

I hope she will laugh with me over this someday. I hope she will not be mad at me for being spacey and forgetful . . .


  1. *Put it on the Fridge* Classic! hahaha!! My parents would do the same thing when I was little!! I also agree with finding out on your own-- makes the blow MUCH easier!

  2. I love the "put it in the fridge" idea too! Well we're only human. I'm sure she'll have a good laugh with you about it in the future :)

    I don't think I'm going to sit the kids down and tell them the truth. I think it's easier for them to kind of come to the truth on their own. Although, I found out about Santa in the worst way, but I turned out slightly OK, so no worries.

  3. I remember one morning, when I first figured out the whole scam. My Dad came in to give me a good morning hug (which he never really did) and I felt his hand go under the pillow. I knew then. I never told him anything, cause I think he felt cool for being so sneaky.
    I think kids pretend a little longer for the parents sake as well.


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