06 May 2011

365 catch up

121/365 - Team photo. The Fireballs. I got permission to post it so voila, last Saturday's picture.
121_365 04-30-11 Team photo

124/365 - Sorry, blurry pug. But that's what you get on the day I had my wisdom teeth pulled and then realized 10 minutes before bedtime I still need a picture.
124_365 05-03-11

125/365 - But it's okay cause I made up for it with Smiley pug!! Yoda loves soccer practice.
125_365 05-04-11

126/365 - Carus wrapping a gift for her friend's birthday.
126_365 05-05-11

127/365 - Carus went to her friend's princess party and came home with a tutu - which we tormented the dog with, of course.
127_365 05-06-11

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