15 May 2011

Weekend fun

134/365 - How I spent Friday evening: Editing pictures and watching Vampire Diaries.
134_365 05-13-11

135/365 - Carus was goalie again for the first half of the game.
135_365 05-14-11

After the game Saturday we went to lunch and then shopping for some last minute things for our trip to Hawaii coming up and then we stopped at our friend's house. He and his fiance were working on trying to tame the jungle of their backyard, mowing it.
05-14-11 (7) copy

Then Adam volunteered to help out (hoping for a little compensation), which worked for them.
05-14-11 (14)

While Carus played around with dandelions.
05-14-11 (23)

05-14-11 (39) copy

But their mower stopped working before Adam was able to finish the he decided to relax.
05-14-11 (47) copy

And I played with my camera and the stuff laying around the backyard. Like this:
05-14-11 (30) copy

And this:
05-14-11 (49) copy

And then we stopped by Costco for some supplies and Robert said we could get the 13 piece pan set I've had my eye on for awhile.
New pan set

136/365 - Today I took Carus to a friend's pool birthday party.
136_365 05-15-11

Now I'm off to make dinner because apparently my family is starving...

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