13 May 2011

Sensing a theme?

Having my wisdom teeth pulled kicked my butt! I've been exhausted and hurting and cranky and sore and starving. It was too much work and suffering to eat and soup is not that filling anyways so I wasn't eating much... In case you're wondering, I got tired of ice cream, mac'n'cheese doesn't take much effort to eat and is a bit more filling than soup, and soup just isn't as good when it is sunny and 70 degrees outside.

Finally feeling much better now and starting to get back my energy now that I can eat.

So catching up! (again)

128/365 - Carus in her soccer game last week.  They didn't win, the team was a tough one.  I can't remember the score now.  Carus was goalie first half and blocked many shots, and she played the second half until she took a ball to her stomach that knocked the wind out of her for a bit.
128_365 05-07-11

129/365 - Mother's day. I put in the garden, not much now but hopefully in just a little bit I'll start pulling vegetables out of it. In the background there, Robert is working on leveling out all the dirt he dug up for the trench for the retaining wall. He almost has it leveled how he wants.
129_365 05-08-11

130/365 - Yoda running at soccer practice. He loves running the field.
130_365 05-09-11

131/365 - My lilac bush is blooming and it smells sooooo good!
131_365 05-10-11

132/365 - From my snowball bush. I have no idea what these flowers actually are - but beyond excited to see them blooming again this year. Soon they will all turn from this green to a white.
132_365 05-11-11

133/365 - I made the kids work together and make cookies. It might have been easier to just make them myself - BUT they learn how to bake cookies and get along (sort of).
133_365 05-12-11

See ya tomorrow - or in a week. HA! :P

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  1. I am thinking hydrangea but not sure if that is the name of that particular flower. I do know they are very prized and extremely difficult to grow for most folks...the lilac is gorgeous as are my fantastic grandchildren....
    I had no idea Yoda could still actually run. cute pic...


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