01 May 2011

The great wall of Robert....

122_365 05-01-11122/365 - The wall is done!!!!
Pretty much.

Robert still needs to do a little grading of the soil BUT other than that, the wall is DONE!!!

Done done done done!

Today we (mostly Robert and Adam) placed about 60 more blocks, laid the draining tube down (which we didn't have to buy thanks to our AWESOME!! neighbor having a spare tube exactly long enough for our wall), put rocks down to help with drainage (which we didn't hvae to buy because Robert dug enough of them up when digging out this trench), and then back filled the soil in (which we had plenty of). 

This picture was after the tubes and rocks were put down but before we filled soil in.

DONE! Finally!!

Next project.... I think we are going to lay some sod and put in the garden next. Hopefully next weekend is as beautiful as this weekend was. 

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