16 May 2011

What's left of Robert's car?

Not much!

Robert was in an accident this afternoon - and before I go further, he is okay. His neck is hurting, but he's okay.

He was driving home from work and had stopped (with other traffic) to wait for a car to turn a couple cars up and was rear-ended by a pickup truck that pushed him 8-10 feet into the car that was in front of him.

Robert's accident (137_365 05-16-11)
137/365 - I'm using this as my 365 for today (above) even though technically I didn't take it (Robert did). I'm okay with that. I took a photo of the car when I got there up on the tow truck, but it's not as good. 

Robert's accident

We are going with the theory that his car is now totaled. That blue truck is the truck that hit him. Robert said he saw him coming in his rear view mirror (he thinks the guy was going around 50 mph) and watched him lock up on his breaks and then he hit him, which pushed Robert's car into the other car.

Robert's accident

The other car.  Not much damage.  Robert's front license plate was a little bent and there were shared dents and little scratches, but the lady in that car (and her 6-year-old little boy) were just a little shaken up.
Robert's accident

And I was having a slow, boring day....

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  1. The same this happened to Jay just a couple months ago. I was for sure they were going to total out our car too, but they didn't.
    I am so glad he was ok, and no one was hurt!!!


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