29 May 2011

First day in Hawaii

I took about 1000 photos during our week in Hawaii! Not all of them are good or shareable but there are a lot that are so I will try to do one day a post, or whatever...

Here's day 1 in Hawaii:

At PDX (Portland International Airport) to catch our flight to Hawaii!

05-21-11 (3)
On the plane...

5-1/2 hours later...

05-21-11 (5)
Adam and Carus in the taxi IN Hawaii.

05-21-11 (8)
Heh, found it amusing. Follow that "party"!

05-21-11 (9)
Well, Aloha to you too!

05-21-11 (12)
Our hotel tower.

05-21-11 (13)
Waterfall in the hotel lobby....

05-21-11 (14)
....with a koi fish pond. (I want one!)

05-21-11 (15)
Our hotel room. (not pictured is the little kitchen and bathroom)
When we arrived, they asked if it was our first time visiting and when we said yes they offered us a room upgrade at a discount. I'm glad we did because we got an amazing view with the upgrade, but wouldn't have done it for just the room which was really outdated and the beds were VERY uncomfortable.

05-21-11 (16)
View from the lanai.

142/365 - Pointing out things
142_365 05-21-11

05-21-11 (21)
More of the view from the lanai (eastern view).

05-21-11 (22)
Lanai view of Diamondhead.

05-21-11 (24)
View from kitchen window of Waikiki beach (might possibly be Kuhio beach, but I think it is Waikiki beach).

05-21-11 (26)
Look at all the surfers!

05-21-11 (27)
Eastern lanai view just after sunset before it gets completely dark...

05-21-11 (30)
and Diamondhead...

05-21-11 (32)
and Waikiki beach...

After we got checked into the hotel, we emptied out one of the backpacks and found a Safeway to stock up on groceries in the hopes of saving some money instead of eating out the whole time. Safeway was about 1-3/4 miles from the hotel and because we started out going the wrong direction before we pulled out the GPS on Robert's cell phone and took a wrong turn on the way back, we ended up walking probably close to 5 miles. We got stuff for breakfast and for lunches with the thoughts of just eating out for dinner. And we walked because we decided not to rent a car, for two reasons: 1) save money for the cost of renting, the cost of gas, and the cost of parking (which is outrageous) and 2) so Robert could actually relax on vacation instead of trying to figure out where he is, where he is going, and traffic stresses. It worked out great! We got to see a lot, got a lot of walking in (which is good for you), and didn't have to pay for parking ($20 in most places).

After shopping we headed down to the pool to cool off. We left Oregon with temps in the 60s and during our entire stay in Hawaii, the temps were in the 80s all day with highs around 87-88 degrees.

Aloha until...tomorrow maybe?

All these pics, and more, are in my Flickr photostream.

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  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see more from your trip.


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