30 May 2011

Day 2

Sunrise breakfast on the lanai.

143/365 - Rainbow over the beach.
143_365 05-22-11

05-22-11 (44)
I have a coworker, Rhonda, who lives on Oahu and she came into Honolulu to pick us up for a little mini tour and to have dinner at her house. We had only spoke through email, instant messaging, and on the phone for work and hadn't had to meet face to face before - it was nice to put a face to the text. She took us around to a couple beaches, one looked like it had a surfing competition going on. It was so crowded we didn't get out, but we watched a few surfers ride and watched a lot crash and then moved on.

05-22-11 (46)
She showed us Honomanu bay.

05-22-11 (51)
Snorkelers on Honomanu bay. I love my zoom lens!

05-22-11 (69)
And the kids went swimming in Rhonda's pool.

05-22-11 (70)
Not a great picture of me...but see, I was there too!

05-22-11 (84)
Jumping in.

05-22-11 (85)

05-22-11 (92)
Carus's mini jump, she doesn't jump big.

05-22-11 (106)
Adam looks like a turtle.

After that I put the camera away and talked with Rhonda, her husband and her kids. They are all so nice and funny and pretty much all around awesome. They made steak, swordfish, chicken, potatoes, and salad for dinner and it was all soooo good. It was the first time we had swordfish and we all liked it so it was decided to add it onto our menu rotation.

Rhonda took us back to Honolulu after dinner and since it was pretty late we headed to bed.

Next up - the trip to Pearl Harbor.

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