13 March 2013

Adventures in urban suburbia

70_365 03-12-1370/365

I think spring is really here.  *knock on wood*

The chill is gone from the air and 50 degrees feels different than 50 degrees felt just a few weeks ago, and we're getting more then 50 degrees on a regular basis.

And, unlike a majority of people, I am in love with Daylight Savings in the spring. I LOVE having the sun still up when I get off work at 5:30, and staying up for more than just minutes.  I am always very happy to see the next season when it arrives.  So YAY for spring.

Yesterday I took the dogs out to wander around the yard, well mostly to watch Leia run laps and wear herself out.  Yoda isn't too playful in his "old" age, but even he was getting bouncy.

71_365 03-13-13

Today, the weather was so nice I opened up the sliding glass door to get some fresh air.  It also allowed Leia to run back and forth and play without trying to insist I throw a toy for her every five seconds (which isn't conducive for me working).  I opened the door, she took off into the backyard, and I suddenly hear a chicken freaking out.  I figured Leia was sticking her head under the fence to the neighbor's yard (there's a hole just the right size for a lab's head - Leia's or one of their three) and bugging their chickens.  I was surprised to see a chicken in our yard.  Leia was rather excited about the possible new toy/playmate.  The chicken, however, was not interested in playing.   I don't mind the visit - they eat bad bugs and I find them extremely amusing - and someday I plan to have chickens too, but I don't want to be responsible of Leia getting carried away.  I caught her (fairly easily) and took her back to her yard.

And of course I had my camera and had to get a picture first. (The purple is my shirt - I was aiming and snapping half blind with one hand.)

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