18 March 2013


I read on a blog One Hundred A Month about how well it works to plant potatoes and peas on St. Patrick's day.  So I did some planting myself.  We decided against peas this year in favor for more room for what we are planting.
03-17-13 (5)

Potato tower attempt #2 - the cover as they grow method. (Attempt #1)  I put the seed potatoes down and covered with soil.  When they've grown a few inches above the soil level, I'll cover them again.  I had extra seed potatoes so I started some in the garden, the "usual" way.

Also around the yard and garden this spring.

03-17-13 (8)
My lilac bush.

03-17-13 (1)

Garlic.  The bigger ones are from last spring, they didn't get that big.  The smaller are from when I planted (at the correct time) last fall.

03-17-13 (9)
I planted a row of carrots and a row of radishes.

75_365 03-17-13
75/365 - Front garden bed with pretty flowers.  The dahlias are coming up too.

03-17-13 (12)
More front garden flowers.

03-17-13 (13)
And a little bit more front garden flowers.

03-17-13 (14)

76_365 03-18-13
76/365 - And while I was working in the garden yesterday, I finally trimmed my lavender bush - which I should have done in the fall.  I took some of the trimmings, dipped them in rooting hormone and I'm hoping I'll get 4 more lavender plants out of it.

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