17 March 2013

Weekend is gone....again

Thursday was 3/14/2013

Pi(e) day. You know, like pi as in the math number - 3.14(1592...).  Get it?

I swung by the grocery store on the way home from work and picked up a chocolate cream pie to surprise the kids with for dessert. It was pretty good.  It was a looonggg day so I cheated and just used my Instagramed phone photo.
72_365 03-14-13

Friday was a pretty good day.  I wasn't feeling too creative or inspired for a photo.  I noticed there were very little clouds out.  No clouds means lots of stars.  That's a plane in the lower right of the photo.  The exposure was 5 seconds long.  Can you see Orion?
73_365 03-15-13

Saturday turned into a really lazy day.  Didn't do anything.  Didn't go anywhere.  Did cuddle in bed with Yoda pug and watch some shows online though.
74_365 03-16-13

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