25 March 2013

7 Days is Back!

Day 1, 81/365
Wine with dinner.  My second glass, actually.  We were still in Washington visiting, and having a grand time. The boys had spent the day on the shooting range and the girls shopping Hobby Lobby (I need one of those stores near me....or maybe not). It was also day 1 of 7 days, spring. I nearly forgot, but thankfully a browse through Instagram reminded me.
Wine with dinner, still on spring break family friend visit in eastern Washington. #springbreak #7days #day1 #buzzing #secondglass 81_365

Carus's day 1.
Sophie was mid yawn.
Carus and a puppy friend, Sophie (4 month old schitzu). #springbreak #7days #day1

Day 2, 82/365
Road tripping home.  The drive home was much quicker, and went better.  We had Leia stay in the back and though she occasionally tried to climb over onto the kids, she did much better.  I'm going to start working on her riding-in-the-car manners.  Her car rides are usually to the dog park, 2 minutes away, so it's very exciting and very quick.  Yoda got to chill on top of the pillows and folded blankets.
82_365 03-24-13 7days, day 2

Carus's day 2.
Can you find her?
Carus's reflection. Can you find her? #7days #7days:2

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