10 March 2013

Still sick

I'm still sick and I'm ready for bed so I'm going to catch things up quickly and get on with the bed time.

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Thursday (65/365) I took a sick day and NyQuil and slept all day. Didn't make me 100% but did make the sore throat well enough I could swallow again. And it was the start of the head congestion trying to move to my lungs.
65_365 03-07-13

Friday (66/365) I went back to work.  It was okay, it wasn't too bad but I was functioning so back to the grind. I spent my lunch break sunbathing with Timmy...again.  Springtime sun breaks have me sunbathing like this every chance I get.
66_365 03-08-13

Saturday I woke up a little stuffed up but feeling better so I went grocery shopping to get it done and by the time I got home I wasn't feeling good.  I started to lay down for a nap, but then got up and did more things and more things and by the end of the day the crud was really moving into my lungs and I felt like I was dying.

 (67/365) Daffodils are blooming.  The tulips aren't too far behind.
67_365 03-09-13

Sunday, today, thanks to NyQuil and my inhaler my lungs feel better but I still feel blah.  But I still didn't relax and rest like I probably should have. I think I have spring fever and I'm itching to be outside and gardening.  The weather wasn't as pretty today as it was yesterday, but still...  And Carus is sick now, but with her having a fever she has been just resting today...while I planted pretty pretty flowers in the front garden bed.

I needed some color and spring and flowers.  Besides this ranunculus (Persian buttercup) pictured below (68/365), I planted some grape hyacinths, pansies, violas, English mums (which I can't find online of so you'll have to wait until I take of picture of mine...maybe tomorrow).  I also planted some bulbs I had laying around for awhile waiting for me to plant - foxglovesdaylilies, lily of the valley, gladiolas, and cone flowers/echinacea.  Hopefully everything comes up and fast.  The pages I linked to aren't necessarily the exact color of the ones I planted. 
68_365 03-10-13

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