03 March 2013

The week in photos. Also, there are words.

Things got away from me Monday and I didn't get my 365 uploaded and shared, and didn't get around to it Tuesday and then before I knew it the week was over.

And now my weekend is over so I figured I better get on things before I get too far behind.  Maybe I should continue sharing weekly instead of daily (or mostly daily).

An itty bitty ant that Robert made using resistors. It's about as big as a penny.  He got a big kick out of scaring me with it.

55_365 02-25-13

I finally finished knitting the shawl I've been working on for like 3 years so I decided to start a blanket.  These were the new "tools" I got for that blanket.

56_365 02-26-13

My new yarn basket for the living room.  I grabbed it because it was marked 50% off, then I got to the register and found it was an additional 25% off of the sale price.

57_365 02-27-13

I make my coffee about once every 2 weeks.  I make the first pot REALLY strong and then run a second pot through it and combine them for a perfect (still strong) mix.  I keep them in canning jars in the fridge and heat up a cup at a time if I want hot coffee, but mostly I just use it for iced coffee. Thursday was a make coffee day and the jars had a lot of condensation on them.

58_365 02-28-13

Pretty Timmy kitty.

59_365 03-01-13

Homemade pizza night - BBQ chicken pizza and pepperoni.  I tried a recipe for sourdough pizza dough so I could use some of my starter. It was good, but it needed more rise time and the regular one out of my family cookbook was liked better.

60_365 03-02-13

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