15 August 2013

Canned garlic

Sunday I avoided my computer and editing pictures and canned the garlic I harvested last month.  I decided to mince it and can it because we have found that we use a lot of the store bought minced garlic and if they can do it, how can I do it. So to the internet I went to figure out how to do it.

08-11-13 (1)

I used this post as a guideline.

08-11-13 (2)

This huge head of garlic had 27 cloves in it by itself.

08-11-13 (3)

Garlic clove.

Carus helped me peel the cloves (Adam helped a little too) and it did take quite awhile.   I reserved some of the smaller cloves to replant this fall for next year.

08-11-13 (4)

After they were all FINALLY peeled and rinsed, I minced them up with my food processor (seriously love that thing).

I put the minced garlic in a pot and covered it with boiling water.  After letting it sit for about 5 minutes, I drained it reserving the water and then packed the garlic in half-pint jars leaving about 1/2-inch head room.  I then added about 1/8 tsp Citric acid (used the Ball Citric Acid stuff) and used the reserved garlic water to cover the garlic in the jars.  I removed air bubbles with a plastic spoon, cleaned the rim, and put on the lids and rings.  I processed the jars in the pressure canner at 10 lbs pressure for 45 minutes.

I'm very happy they didn't turn bluish-green, which is a possibility because of a chemical reaction between the garlic and metals in the water or utensils used to process it.  I used plastic as much as possible and crossed my fingers.  It would have still be safe to eat, it just looks weird.

223_365 08-11-13

It's taken 3 days to air the garlic smell out of the kitchen.

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