04 August 2013

Carus and I go to a farm.

My friend G has a friend whose horse recently had a baby and G took Carus and I out to see the little filly Thursday.

08-01-13 (1) copy

Mama J-Lo and baby Pixel

08-01-13 (4) copy

Trying to keep up with mama.  Baby was about a week old.

08-01-13 (11) copy

Carus petting them and saying hello.

08-01-13 (14) copy

They also had some miniature donkeys - Tessa, Fiona, Bailey, Goldie, and *shoot, I forgot*.  Grrr. This is why I shouldn't procrastinate on my blog posts.  I didn't get a picture of all of the donkeys as I had my long lens with me as we weren't sure how close we'd be able to get to baby (we were the first strangers to meet her) and then got distracted with petting the donkeys that I didn't step back to get a picture.

08-01-13 (18) copy

After spending a very good amount of time visiting while petting the donkeys - they love the attention - we went over to say hi to the alpacas.  They had 4 (only two pictured; three white and one black).

08-01-13 (23) copy

They weren't friendly and never came over.

08-01-13 (27) copy

We still stood around visiting some more and Carus ran off to play with their great dane, Hannah.

08-01-13 (29) copy

They explored the field of tall grass.


  1. Donkey #5 is Fiona. She is Bailey's mom. :-)

  2. Oh Whups! Chloe is the one that was forgotten....

    1. Thank you Heather! I had it one second and lost it the next! And thank you again for letting us come out. It was great meeting you.


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