25 August 2013

Look at all the green

236_365 08-24-13

So much green.

So many plants.

Too bad most of them are weeds....well, grass.

Fucking straw.

It was supposed to PREVENT weeds and grass, not encourage it.

At least, that's our theory of where the grass came from.  We don't have that type of grass in our yards and we're pretty sure our neighbors don't either so it had to have come from the stupid straw.

This is my before picture.  I tackled it with the intention to remove all the weeds and the straw, and then found our yard debris bin was already half full so I didn't have enough room for all of it.  I cleared out the weeds around the plants, from the edges to the middle, and found my tomato plants and my teeny cucumbers.  After filling the debris bin I just started piling the rest of the grass and weeds in the center and I'll finish clearing it out next week after trash day.

I don't think I'll get much more out of this garden.  The green beans seem to be waning and though there are tomatoes on the plants, they've been there for two weeks and they aren't getting any greener.  And the tomato plants are kind of small.

The cucumbers! I went from 6 plants to 3, and they're only 3 inches tall/long.  They haven't grown since I planted them and I don't know why.  They all have one cucumber (one has two) that are the same size as the plants but yeah, not much going on there. Robert said, "we could have baby pickles."  Problem is, there are only three.  I've heard from others that their gardens were growing weird this year so at least it's not all me.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

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