04 August 2013

How does the garden grow?

Someday I need to plant a flower garden with silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row. (But with actual flowers.)


214/365 My garden.
214_365 08-02-13

I feel like it's mostly weeds.  Mostly grass weeds, which I have no idea where it came from...other than it probably came from the damn hay that was supposed to be straw that didn't grow. I need to find another option for mulch next year because this hay/straw thing is not working out.

At the end of the season, I think I'll dig up as much as possible and then cover the entire thing with newspaper to smother anything else out so next spring isn't as freaking maddening.

The green beans are doing well - the pole beans more so than the bush beans.

08-02-13 (8) copy

I'm still fighting bugs that like to eat my plants, like this little grasshopper thing.
08-02-13 (10) copy

And this bug, which from what I can find is a cucumber beetle. (Looks like a green lady bug.)
08-02-13 (17) copy

Lady bug - good.
08-02-13 (11) copy

Yoda keeps trying to come into the garden while I'm in there.  I don't like latching the gate because I'm going in and out often enough that it slows me down. He mostly listens and only occasionally do I catch him nonchalantly wandering in.
08-02-13 (24) copy

Itty bitty green beans to be.
08-02-13 (13) copy

Sunlight through the leaves.
08-02-13 (16) copy

Green beans are doing so well that they needed additional support.  Most of the vines have gone up and down the trellis I built and are probably on their way back up again but I can't tell which vine is which and where it's been.  I can only tell where some are going. Maybe my neighbor will get some vines on their side of the fence.
08-02-13 (26) copy

I was starting to wonder if/when those carrots were going to need to be pulled.  Maybe I should have wondered sooner....?
08-02-13 (28) copy

Tiny cucumber.
08-02-13 (30) copy

Marigolds.  Next year I need to plant MANY more marigolds.  All the plants along the marigolds are bug free. It might be because the bugs are all enjoying the green bean plant on the other side of the garden, but I really like to tell myself that it's because of the flowers. (And then I wondered if I could make a bug spray and google found me this: marigold bug spray )
08-02-13 (34) copy

Volunteer sunflower - I didn't plant the seed.  Good thing I recognized it and didn't think it was a weed.  It has some of those little grasshopper things.
08-02-13 (35) copy

Tomatoes - Pretty sure they're roma tomatoes.
08-02-13 (4) copy

Carrots all cleaned up.
08-02-13 (37) copy

Green beans - one pile is pole beans, the other bush beans.
08-02-13 (38) copy

Neighbor's sunflowers which are peeking over the fence.
215_365 08-03-13

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  1. Hey Pretty nice looking veggies you have there. Flowers are nice too.Thanks BV


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