05 August 2013

Beach day

We haven't gone to the beach at all this summer so thought we'd remedy that Sunday.  It was hot here - in the 90s - and was supposed to be in the 70s at the beach.

07-04-13 (1)

Notice I said "supposed to be".  Yeah.  It was sunny and hot up until that final set of hills where we saw low clouds.  Unfortunately, it was full on fog and the temp dropped to a lovely 72 and continued to fall.

07-04-13 (2)

It was 60 and foggy on the beach.  The kids and Robert walked up and down the beach a bit, while I sat on a blanket and read.  My ankle has been doing well as long as I don't push things and I knew that if I did a lot of walking in the soft, dry uneven sand or on the wet compacted sand it would be hurting bad by the end of the day.  Plus it was nice to spend some time with my book.

216_365 07-04-13

216/365 - Robert brought me back a heart-shaped rock from their walk.

07-04-13 (5)

I was visited by a seagull.  He was either wondering if my book was good, or if I had any food.

07-04-13 (4)

After their walk Adam and Carus spent some time digging a hole in the sand.  Robert helped by pushing sand into their hole for them to dig out.

I didn't take my big camera as I didn't want to get it all sandy and I thought it would be a nice break from worrying about getting a photo.

I had my cell phone, and Instagram to share with, though.

I hope we have the chance to go back to the beach before the end of the summer, or if we can't/don't make it, I hope next year is filled with many more beach trips.

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