21 August 2013

Saturday was a Grand Day

I had a great Saturday.

I started out getting my hair cut and styled.  I'm growing it out, but I still need the occasional trim to get rid of split ends and keep it healthy.  It's down to the small of my back.  The hairdresser straightened my hair for my style for the day.  I've never had my hair straightened before - I'm usually trying to curl it - and I liked it.  Maybe I should get a hair straightener now...

08-17-13 (1)

And then!

We went into Portland to meet up with my dad.  It's been 5 years since I've seen him even though he's been in Portland a few times in that time.  He's a truck driver and rarely comes up here and when he does get up here it's only for a few hours and usually during the week when I'm stuck working.

08-17-13 (2)


I went over to G's house (a friend) to make blackberry brandy with her and her friend A*.  And drink wine (this Scuppernong that is like my favorite) and other drinks.  I tried actual brandy for the first time and though it was a cheaper brand (since it was being mixed with fruit - ginger and lime) it was still good.  It had a butterscotch-y, vanilla-y after taste to it. And A mixed my second lemoncello and cranberry juice and it was more lemoncello than juice and I wasn't able to finish that drink.  And then we played Mexican Train Dominoes and laughed our heads off.  It was a great night and I can't wait for the next one (drinking or not, I'll hang out with them)!

229_365 08-17-13

*Their names aren't G and A.  I'm just not sure about how internet famous they want to be so I am giving them monikers to go by.  I'm not being super creative, it's their first initial.  

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