27 August 2013

Down time Sunday

237_365 08-25-13

Summer is quickly coming to a close.

I'm not ready, but yet I am.  September is always a hectic and crazy month and knowing that, anticipating that craziness is making me anxious.

I've been wanting to scope out a local trail (Banks-Vernonia Trail) for fall family photo shoots so I loaded up the dogs and Carus and went to check it out.

I'm very happy with it.  It was lovely and it will be more lovely when the leaves have changed.

I need to go more often too; Leia needs to work on her leash manners.  She gets so excited to go somewhere and go for a walk and go for a car ride and she thought she was going to the park and and and...  She did okay with the bikers and runners on the trail, but the walkers were too easy to approach to say hello.  She loves to say hello to everyone!

After the walk I had sewing time.  I started with the mending pile - mending holes, fixing buttons, hemming things.

08-25-13 (1)

And then I made Carus some jammie shorts.

08-25-13 (2)

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