18 January 2012


I gotsa my snow!

For a minute.

About 6:45 am and still snowing.  Adam got a snow day, so did Robert.  Unfortunately, Carus and I didn't.  She did get extra recesses. Also unfortunately (for him) Adam got himself grounded from video games the night before a snow day.
01-18-12 001

Adam, Carus, and I took the dogs out to play in the snow this morning before work.  Leia loves the snow. She was bouncing and hopping and diving into and rolling around in the snow.  Yoda, however, wasn't enthused, which is expected when a lot of the snow is deeper than you are tall. He still played a little, getting the most excited when it was time to go back in.
01-18-12 002

7:30 am, still lightly snowing.  The sun is just starting to come up.
01-18-12 008

18:366 - About 8 am, sun starting to come up, just stopped snowing. It started melting from then on.
18_366 01-18-12

Early afternoon, about half melted, but pretty hills.
01-18-12 014

It's supposed to get below freezing again this evening, and with quite a bit of snow still on the ground and all the melted slush and puddles that were around, I'm expecting an icy morning.  I'm not sure if they are going to have another snow day, we'll see.

I feel I've gotten a winter now, bring on the sun and spring!


  1. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. So pretty. I love a good snow storm every now and then.
    I was hoping for one more good snow before we left here...but it doesn't look like it.


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