29 January 2012


28_366 01-28-12

Robert and I spent yesterday hanging out with some friends.  We went to the home and remodeling show, went to Ikea, then out to dinner and a movie.  This is our friend with his GIANT margarita at dinner.  We ate at Red Lobster, which was good (I had never been before) and saw Underworld: Awakening in 3D (first time watching a movie in 3D, which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would).  The movie was great, lots of action.

When we got in line at the theater to get tickets, there was a lady in front of us who treated us to the following conversation -

Lady: What movies are playing next?
Ticket counter person:  Such and such, yada yada (I wasn't paying too close of attention), Man On A Ledge
Lady:  Oh, what's Man On A Ledge about?
Ticket counter person:  Uh, it's about a guy....on a...ledge...

And then I couldn't stop giggling so I'm sure what else was said and soon it was our turn to get our tickets.  Continued giggling about it the rest of the night... and into today.

I'm easily amused.

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