15 January 2012

15:366 SNOW!

I've been a little sad that we have had such a mild winter.  It hasn't been that cold.  So I was very excited to see snow in our forecast, and even more excited to wake to snow this morning.

The snow didn't last long, even with a couple more flurries falling, but it was pretty while it was here.  Though I would like some more so I could go sledding with the kids.  We have some good hills around here that would be great for sledding down.  But I don't think we'll get anymore this year; or if we do, not enough to go sledding.

We did play a little in the snow.

The kids scraped the walls and fences for snow and made little snowmen.

Carus and her snowman.
01-15-12 015

Close-up of Carus's snowman. He's in a snowball fight.
01-15-12 022

Adam and his snowman.
01-15-12 016

Close-up of Adam's snowman.
01-15-12 024

14:366 - Leia enjoyed the snow too.  She ran around chasing the falling snow, and catching the snowballs I was tossing her. She had so much fun.
14_366 01-15-12

Video of Leia trying to catch the falling snow. Or click here

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