09 January 2012


9_366 01-09-12

My new car

2006 Chevy Trailblazer, dark gray (which kinda looks dark blue in the dealership parking lot and black in my night I mean. In the morning it should be dark gray)

I didn't get a moon roof, and am currently a little bitter about it.  Once I get to drive it longer than the 5 minute test drive I'll probably like it a lot more than I currently do (Robert drove home and will be taking it to work tomorrow to do the mechanic check/DEQ thing sooo).  It drove nicely. Adam fits in the backseat. It's newer. It has less miles. It's pretty (well it was at night).  Maybe it's just new car jitters...

I liked it before we started the paperwork to buy it...and then I came down off the new car buy high and was like - where's my moon roof bitches?

*I like moon roofs even though they're not all that useful and in Robert's opinion unpractical in Oregon where it rains too much to actually get to enjoy the dang thing. But I still like them! Trailblazers don't generally come with a moon roof, and we've been looking.  Found a gold one but um, EW!!!! And I can't do an aftermarket install cause it's not as good and there's a pretty good chance it'll leak and blah blah blah  Robert is so getting me a convertible one day.

Anyways - ask me in a week.

Moon roof = sunroof BTW (Sunroofs technically don't open.  The things I learn from my husband. GAH!)

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  1. Hellooooo I love this Becca, If you read my comment i sent a few days ago, I still think You should write a book, I love your blog and it is very interesting to read, YOU are a natural, So keep this cool thing going, It is AWESOME!!! Thanks B.V.


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