01 January 2012

Final 365s of 2011

360/365 - Wilbur kitty
360_365 12-28-11

361/365 - Carus on her birthday party day.  We did a crafting and sleepover party.  There was t-shirt painting, cake ball dipping, finger nail painting, movie watching and a sleepover. Except there wasn't much sleeping.
361_365 12-29-11

362/365 -I got these as a Christmas gift, and I've already read through them. I absorbed them.  They were really good, and I'm excited for the movie.
362_365 12-30-11

363/365 - New Years Eve games - Scrabble

For the past few years we've been playing games with the kids to ring in the New Year's.
363_365 12-31-11

Okay, those should have been numbered 362, 363, 364, and 365 but I still can't figure out where I messed up on my numbering. I've gone over the photos a couple times, and I have found some dating issues, but I haven't found 365 numbing issues... So I'm going to just ignore it and start over.  Yup, I am going to do 365 again, and I have a few challenges for myself too.  Obviously, one is to make sure I get it numbered correctly...

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  1. That is how Adam got so good at scrabble...LOL
    On the subject of young ladies and slumber parties, I have never heard of a slumber party where sleeping was accomplished in any great amount. There is usually a great deal of giggling, and some serious silliness, but not much sleeping on the part of anyone in the house with the slumber party.....


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