07 January 2012


7_366 01-07-11

An almost good-bye.

We've decided to sell my Jeep and get me a used new-to-me vehicle.  We need more leg room in the back seat. And by we, I mean my little boy who won't stop growing!  He's only 13 and already 5'8". So yeah, it might be more comfortable for him (not to mention a bit safer) if he wasn't practically eating his knees every time he had to ride in the backseat.

 Anyways, today we went down to a dealership in NE Portland (an 1-1/2 hour drive, BTW) because a salesman said he was going to buy it for what we were asking....and then we got there and he offered half.  &*#@(*@!#$@!!! 

Meh. I haven't found what I want yet so maybe it's better that I'm not stuck without wheels quite yet. And I get to keep my Jeep a little longer. I'm really going to miss it.

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