03 May 2012


Figured it was about time to update you on a yard project we recently finished.  We redid the front flower garden bed.  When we moved in it was full of azelea bushes that weren't too healthy and a few where dead.  We pulled those out last year after for sure deciding we didn't want them and it has been sitting waiting for us to decide what we did want.

See - before.  All full of rocks.  (There on the left.)  (The bed in the middle, the kidney shaped one, that will be a water feature, probably much later this year or next.) (Also the spindly Japanese maple tree in the middle has since leafed out and doesn't look so sad.)
04-01-12 (19)

I was considering some cacti and succulents, but when Robert and I went to the garden nursery, we found other plants we liked more. Which ended up meaning a lot more work.

We dug up all the rock (ugh) on the hottest day this year so far (85!), in the direct sun, tilled up the soil, added more fresh garden soil and a few pretty plants and voila. We'll top it off with some bark mulch in a month or so when we get mulch for the whole yard.

124_366 05-03-12

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