21 May 2012

143:366 5-21-12

The other night while I was passed out, Robert was up late playing his new computer game, Diablo III, and so when Leia needed a middle of the night potty run he got to take her out.  And yes, he had to take her all the way out.  She is afraid of things that go bump in the night and will refuse to go out to potty unless she can see you.

He was telling me earlier today that during her middle of the night run, she was searching for The Spot to go and all was well, until one frog croaked.  At that one croak, she pulled her head up from her search and tensed.  Then, another frog joined in. And another, and another.  And, well, Leia quickly ran back to the house and the protection of Robert.

The frogs that scare the bejeezus out of her are the Pacific Tree Frog.

That brings us to this morning.

Just as Carus and I were sitting down to our work, Leia started to stare intently out at the back porch.  And then she barked her scared bark and started pacing back and forth from us to the door.  We could not figure out what in the world was freaking her out.  Carus went to let her outside to see if that would help, and Leia, bolstered by Carus's protective presence, went straight to a corner of the porch.  Leia's presence made a little frog jump, which renewed Leia's fear and sent her running back to me while Carus emitted an "aawww, it's a cute little frog."

Carus couldn't muster the courage to pick up the frog and place him in a jar to keep to show Adam so I did.  She provided froggy with some soil and a stick from the backyard and kept him on her desk while she worked until Adam came home.

I had him pose for a few quick shots and, after he jumped off the surface I had him on and onto the cats back, I rescued him and we released him back into the yard.

143_366 05-21-12

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