25 May 2012


All things garden!

147:366 - Gorgeous Oregon spring sky - view from my garden. (Instagram/phone photo)
147_366 05-25-12

My new garden fence.  Robert was finally able to cement the posts in this afternoon.  Still needs a gate and some finishing touches.  Maybe some white paint, I haven't fully decided. I'm loving it.  (Look at that sky!)
05-25-12 001

Yoda is having a hard time with the no dogs in the garden rule. (Instagram/phone photo)
05-25-12 019

The steps to the backyard.  The bottom level was there already, but it felt awkward climbing into the yard.  Robert put in the next two steps, and it has helped so much.  It no longer feels awkward.  He framed the steps in wood to match the retaining wall and to keep mud from sliding onto the steps from the sides.
05-25-12 008

Baby plants in my garden. Can't wait for them to start producing fruits (tomatoes, watermelon) and veggies (peas, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, Italian roaster peppers, onions, celery, garlic).
05-25-12 010

SUN!  It was such a nice, warm afternoon/evening.  Just perfect weather.
05-25-12 011

Yoda starting to accept the no dog rule.
05-25-12 014

Storm clouds moving in. Isn't that just a GORGEOUS sky?!
05-25-12 015

Earlier this week, from another blog, I got the link to this movie talking about the Back to Eden ( gardening  practices.  It's only 103 minutes, completely free.  I totally recommend watching it.  It breaks down to minimal gardening work where you mulch your plants to provide them with nutrients so you don't have to constantly schlep fertilizer and such, and it helps retain water in the soil so you don't have to water as often, if at all.

It also promotes chemical free gardening - no chemical herbicides for weeds (pull them easily with this method), no chemical pesticides (which don't wash off easily so basically you're eating pesticides), no chemical fertilizers (causing your food to be full of chemicals).  All in all, I'm loving this video and hope to work some of the practices into my garden - or at least a little at a time. (I already don't use chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers so no big change there.)

(It does quote the bible and such... HOWEVER! It's not bad and all preaching and stuff.)

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