20 May 2012

Weekend 366s

Clover fields
I love when the clover fields are blooming.  They are GORGEOUS and red and green and so pretty.
140_366 05-18-12

We worked on getting the garden in and the garden fence up.

Putting in my garden and putting up the garden fence to keep the dogs out.

Picture one - garden compost was brought in
Picture three to four - Progress on the garden fence and the few plants I have to put in right now.

Still not finished, but pretty darn close.  We would have been done if we didn't have to dig out more than we already had. Stoopid clay soil is a &*$#@ to dig up.
141_366 05-19-12
*All 4 of these photos were taken with my cell phone

Simba watching the birdies.
142_366 05-20-12

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