30 May 2012

The weekend catch-up and a bonus day too!

It was a three day weekend, which was nice. I spent my bonus day off at the dentist with the kids getting our teeth cleaned (they have no cavities, but I have two) and grocery shopping (blergh) but it was still a bonus day off where I actually got to sleep in so it was nice.  I was going to do the catch-up yesterday, but didn't get to it so I'm doing it early this morning cause I'm up anyways (I really hate 6 am), and now there's a bonus day to add to the catch-up.

Without further ado -

148:366 (Saturday)
Lexus, our friends' dog.  Such a sweetie.

148_366 05-26-12

Saturday we celebrated our anniversary, a day late.  We worked in the yard, went to lunch, hung out with some friends, and then saw MIB III and went to dinner.  Not as extravagant as last years Hawaii vacation, but nice.  I enjoyed myself.

149:366 - Sunday morning Robert and I worked in the yard again.  (Phone/instagram photo)
149_366 05-27-12

On Saturday, we were finally able to get the last of the poles cemented in, so Sunday we spent working on reshaping the hill into a gradual slope into the garden.  After several hours of tilling and moving clay, pulling out tons and tons of plastic*, digging out tree roots, and moving of more clay soil we stopped.  There is still more to do (*whimper*) but we've made progress so that's something.

*At some point, someone put down plastic over the entire yard before dumping soil on top and then planting, or planted and then put plastic down and topped with soil.  I don't get why, it doesn't help with weeds (trust me) but it does go ahead and kill plants.  It's why we've removed so many plants and trees.  Their roots were all at the surface because they were being suffocated under plastic or couldn't get below the plastic.  Because of it, they were weak and, in the case of the humongous tree we recently removed, dangerous.  We are gradually removing the plastic as we come across it, but unfortunately aren't able to get it all.  Every time we start digging and pulling out a chunk we are cursing whoever put it down in the first place.

150:366 - (Monday) Robert surprised me with creating a tomato support.

150_366 05-28-12
I've been trying to figure out the best way to stake my tomatoes this year.  I'm not happy with the traditional tomato cages.  They are not sturdy enough and at best are only good one year. (Okay, occasionally you can get two years, or turn it into a Christmas decoration. But still.)  It feels like a waste to purchase new cages all the time, especially when they collapse under the pressure of the plants and fruit.  There are tons of different kinds of cages/supports/trellis though, many that appear more substantial; however, I don't want to pay what the stores are charging.

When brainstorming with Robert I thought we could use the metal T-bar poles we had already (from fencing off the swampy area of the lawn) and the twine we had already and create a zig zag-ish support system for the tomatoes.  We need to buy more twine (which we will use for many other things anyways so I don't feel guilty or wasteful about it) and maybe add to it - but for now, it looks perfect.  He did it while I was out running errands and since I got back late I didn't go out to the garden the next day so it was a nice surprise.

151:366 - (Tuesday) Adam's final band concert.

151_366 05-29-12
At first I thought this was the view I was going to get for the concert, but shortly after I got this shot two other kids sat right in front of him and I was stuck with .... (see next photo)

.... this view the rest of the concert.

05-29-12 (8)

Oh well.

The band played well.  Adam has made great progress and enjoyed his first year of band.  He's already signed up to do band again next year and I'm excited for more concerts.  Hopefully we can get him his very own trombone this summer/next fall.

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