19 March 2012

68:366 - Bye Bye Tree

We had the large fir tree in our yard cut down.  It was 30+ feet tall.  It looked fairly healthy, but it had a few weepy spots and the ground all around the base was extremely squishy.  It made nervous.  I could just see it falling and taking out at least mine and Robert’s bedroom, and though I was reassured that it wouldn't do enough damage to squish the kids (as well) I still feared it would.  A few weeks ago we had a pretty big storm and watching that tree sway as much as it did sealed its fate.  It was coming down.

Robert works next to the “headquarters” of a tree trimming and cutting service and he meandered next door one day and got them scheduled to come out the following Thursday for a great price. Significantly lower than we were expecting.  If anyone local to us is looking for some tree services, let us know and we’ll "hook you up". 

They showed up about 8 am.  After showing them which tree was to be cut down (doubt there was any confusion but anyways) I went back inside and got busy with work.  Okay, after I took the before photo… I knew I’d want a before & after shot.

I peaked on the progress after about 30 minutes and they had made quite a bit of progress.  I texted Robert to let him know and he called me wanting me to take a picture and send to him.  I also grabbed my camera.

03-08-12 (2)

It wasn’t much longer until I checked again and they were just cutting the rounds up into firewood lengths since we are keeping them to use in our fire pit. 

03-08-12 (4)

It took them just over an hour start to finish, including clean up, to cut down that tree. 

68:366 – Before & After
68_366 03-08-12

That phone pole really sticks out now, huh?

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