05 March 2012


This is how Carus was doing her spelling work this morning.  Sitting on the dog bed, with Leia lying on the floor behind her, and Simba sleeping on her lap.

Today brought back the normal wet, windy, Oregon weather.  And tonight brings some cold cold air and we could have snow flurries tomorrow morning.

Snow.  Again.

I don't usually mind the snow.  In fact, I love the snow.  HOWEVER! I only love said snow in winter months, and, in my opinion, March in Oregon should not be a winter month.  It is a spring month and dammit, I want my spring!

65_366 03-05-12

There are tulips and daffodils and the like popping up.  I want to see more flowers.  The grass is getting greener and is starting to grow - and I really want it to do that more.  I have a section of the backyard that would be more aptly named the swamp its so soggy!

I want blue skies and bright sunshine.  I don't need high temps. I would love it if it would stay in the 70s with a few 80s from now until fall.  I do enjoy the cooler weather and all that it brings, I'm just ready for the warmer weather.

This afternoon, it did clear up though it didn't warm up really.  Robert and Adam were already outside doing some pickup in the yard and I took the dogs out to get some air and see what there was to see. It wasn't long before Leia started a game with Adam of try to catch me.  He came close a few times, but didn't catch her, especially when she jumped off the wall.

Super puppy!
03-05-12 042

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