29 March 2012

89:366 7days, day 6

89_366 03-29-12

The rain is kicking my butt this week. I've been fighting the doldrums of watching it rain and rain and rain and trying to think of all the good and all the sun we will get soon. (Hopefully soon)

And the puppy joined in.  She went out to potty and 15 minutes later she was asking to come back in.  Carus went to let her in, attempted to wipe the mud off her feet and gave up.  I thought she was being dramatic when she told me Leia was covered in mud.

She wasn't.

I don't think she was just digging. She had to have rolled. I no longer had a black lab - I had a mud lab. (She has been/was/is trying to dig a hole under the fence to go play with our neighbors three labs.)

Instead of standing out in the cold and hosing her (and, let's face it, me) off and have us both shivering the rest of the night I opted for having Robert carry her to the tub and bathing her there.

What you can't see is the 7 more muddy and/or soggy towels at my feet and the muddy water decorations she gifted me with.  About halfway through the bath, just as I got most of the big clumps of mud off and she was covered with the most amount of water, she escaped the tub and shook.  There was muddy water spatter over three of the four walls, the door, the counter, the sink, the mirror, and me.

She is so lucky she's cute.

(I remembered at the last second before clean up to get me into the shot. You get me pointing at the mess.)

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  1. "Simply the best Cleaning service " to the Rescue!!! LOL B.V.


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