19 March 2012

71:366 - Smooches for Poppy

First stop on our week long visit is Roswell, NM for grandparents, brothers, mother, aunt and uncle, and an itty bitty cousin (Faith) I’d never met.

71_366 03-11-12
Poppy was just swinging with Carus (his great-granddaughter) and Faith (his granddaughter) on the swing, minding his own business when Faith snuck up on him and gave him a big sloppy smooch. 

You know what Roswell, New Mexico is famous for?  The UFO crash landing in 1947.

And so of course we had to visit the Roswell UFO Museum for a little history lesson.   

Slideshow – that isn’t that long because my camera battery died on me.*

If you want a sneak peak on all the photos from the trip go to the New Mexico 2012 folder on Flickr.  

If you want a sneak peak on the 366 photos from this week visit my 366 in 2012 folder on Flickr.

*The beginning of my camera battery dying on me.  Thankfully it made it until the plane ride home BUT STILL I'm going through withdrawals now.

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  1. Your camera battery died because you took photos of me, and I busted it. That's all there is to it. Your camera would be fine if I had stayed outta the pictures.


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