24 May 2012


146_366 05-24-12

Today kicked my butt!  It was just one of those days at work where my email and my IM were going non-stop, in addition to the constant flow of reports we've had for the past 3 months.  One of those days where you feel like you're hovering at the surface of being overwhelmed and drowning in the tasks.

Robert made dinner, though, and without me asking.  That was a relief.  I don't mind making dinner, and sometimes I actually enjoy it.  But at the same time, because it is something that I have to do constantly I get a little burnt out.

After dinner, I headed outside with the dogs planning to work in my new garden and finally plant the last plants I needed to plant but got side tracked playing with my camera (which I took out to get my 366 photo of the day) and the dogs and didn't get right to "gardening".  When I finally did get in there, I didn't get far until I got stuck.

I spent more time trying to figure out the layout than I would have liked, the original layout plan I had ended up not working how I wanted it to. And the reason for the "trouble" was I didn't want the squash, zucchini, and Adam's watermelon plant to be too close to each other and cross pollinate.  Zucchini watermelon does not sound appetizing.  I eventually got it figured out and got half of the remaining plants in the ground.  I'll do the other half tomorrow evening. As long as the sun sticks around.  It has been raining a lot this week.

By the way, it's Adam's watermelon because I haven't had great luck with watermelon plants in the past, and wasn't going to try again this year but Adam begged and I caved with the caveat that he be in charge with keeping it's section weeded, bad bug free, and helping me with any watering or other garden chores.

More on gardening stuff tomorrow! (I hope...)

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