13 May 2012

Weekend Ketch-up

See what I did there?  Clever huh?

Probably not too clever since I went ahead and pointed it out, but yeah. I get some points.

Onwards and upwards.  Or something.

How come weekends aren't long enough?

Friday -
Some baby chicks that our neighbor/friends just got.  Baby  Buff Orpington and baby Rhode Island Red. They are adorable, of course.
132_366 05-11-12

Saturday, I went to a baby shower for a friend who is having twins.  It was an adorable party and she made out like a bandit, which is good with twins coming along.
133_366 05-12-12

Mother's Day dinner at the in-laws with the in-laws and some bonus grammas.  The whole gang.
134_366 05-13-12

Me and my kids, Mother's day 2012
05-13-12 (2)

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