01 August 2012


It's been a few days since I harvested anything from the garden.  Possibly even a week.

Well, I should probably not let that happen again.  The peas and green beans weren't over abundant.  I picked my first tomato and two more peppers.
214_366 07-31-12 (1)

It's the cucumbers that went crazy!

Ginormous cucumber!  It was heavy too!  That's my chef's knife for comparison.  It was larger than my hand.  Larger than Robert's too.
07-31-12 (1)

We were expecting it to be hollow in the middle or taste gross, but nope.  There was quite a bit of cucumber...meat?...and it had a nice, fresh, firm, cucumber flavor.
07-31-12 (2)

Pickling cucumbers my ass.


  1. (This is Deborah, but I don't have any of the accounts listed, so posting as Anonymous)

    The cukes are about the only thing that has been 'impressive' from our garden so far - even if there were only about a half dozen so far. I had a jar of pickles I'd just emptied, so I sliced one large cuke up and put it in the pickling juices to see what would happen. Result so far is the skin is a bit too tough to really enjoy them. The flavour isn't really that strong either. Oh well, maybe if I get a few more cukes, I'll try actually pickling them using the cooked method. We'll see. Nice haul there tho! Your garden is doing much better than mine!

    1. Thank you! My garden could be doing better, but I'm taking notes so I can make some improvements next year.

      And some cukes have thicker skins than others. The cooking method will probably help with the thick skins.


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