15 August 2012


Making a mess in the garage, building the trusses.
08-13-12 (6)

Working on The Shed in the heat.  It was hot today, near 100 degrees.
08-15-12 (2)

Outside/support trusses are up
229_366 08-15-12

Inside view.
08-15-12 (4)

Outside view with the T1-11.
08-15-12 (5)

Bringing in the ridge beam.
08-15-12 (10)

Getting the ridge beam placed in the brackets...
08-15-12 (11)

....and secured into place.
08-15-12 (12)

All ready for the rest of the trusses, and then the roof!
08-15-12 (15)

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  1. Looks great!, Thanks for sharing, B.V.


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