14 August 2012

Saturday through Tuesday

Late night Timmy kitty.
225_366 08-11-12

Finally cool enough for a dog park visit - just in time to meet an adorable german shepherd puppy.
226_366 08-12-12

Sunset at the dog park.
08-12-12 (12) copy

I waited to long to get my 366 yesterday, it was quite dark out in the yard but I took a few shots anyways.  I liked how this one turned out.
227_366 08-13-12

I got a new vacuum!  Mine stopped sucking like it was supposed to.  I know everyone raves about their Dyson's but we can't bring ourselves to pay for it.  It's still plastic and has a beater bar and ugh.  Just seems like a lot of expensive plastic to us. This one is built similar to the Dyson with similar materials but less than a third of the price.  It also doesn't have a beater bar.   We did a quick vacuum this evening and it's nice to have clean floors.  It's a Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Plus.
228_366 08-14-12

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  1. Hey good for you guys, Looks like you got a pretty good vacuum, Those are nice and worth the money too. I have used one of those before. I still recommend the Dyson though. But they are very expensive B.V.thanks for sharing your pictures


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