23 August 2012



Us girls doing our nails.
237_366 08-23-12

This photo cracks me up so much. I seriously could not have planned that look on her face any better.  Carus and I were hanging out watching a girly show (Drop Dead Diva) and doing our nails.  Leia came over and sat next to Carus, Carus told her to shake and then when she gave Carus her paw, Carus filed her toe nails a bit.  I grabbed my phone as fast as I could and I just happened to catch Leia mid blink which makes it look like she is really enjoying her pawicure.*

*Pawicure was the word Adam, Carus, and I decided on to define Leia's nail treatment.  

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  1. OMG!! This is so cute. If you want to give me any other pictures besides the Grandma Black and whites,then i would like one of these. This could be on that show called Americas funniest home videos. You guys would WIN!! LOL


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