06 August 2012

220:366 And Update on The Shed

220_366 08-06-12

Little spider in my garden.  Eat all the bad buggies Mr(s). Spider. And don't come in the house, cause then I'll have to kill ya.

Over the weekend, since it was so hot, not much progress was made on The Shed.  Most of the weekend was spent buying supplies, which Robert now has the majority of what he needs.

After their trip to Lowe's on Sunday, I asked Adam what they got, and he quickly rattled off the number of 2x4s and plywood and so on, and then he said they got "flashers", which confused me.

Robert then butted in, "No, it's flashing."* Adam quickly replied, "That can't be right. Flashing is a verb."

Well at least we know he wasn't occasionally failing English/Literature last year because he didn't know his stuff.**

The progress Robert and Adam did make was to put down the plywood flooring.
08-06-12 (14)

And then this evening, after dinner, Robert went out in the garage and quickly built one of the walls.
08-06-12 (13)

*Flashing is for the roof.  Want to know more, click here.
**He kept ending up with an F in class because he wouldn't turn his work in.  He'd do it, he'd have it, but the turd wouldn't put it in the pile to get graded.  He ended the school year with one B and the rest As and on the honor roll.  Hopefully all the time he spent grounded last year will help him remember this year to turn in his work.

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