21 August 2012

The Shed - long awaited update

Dun ta da dun!  (Otherwise known as Trumpet sounds.)

While I spent my day vacuuming and shampooing carpets (for 8 hours and I missed/skipped two rooms), Robert was working on putting up walls on The Shed.  Adam helped with a few walls, and I helped on one.  Robert discovered that cheap nails are not a good idea.  For every one nail he got in, at least 5 bent and broke on him.  He was very happy to use the last of that box and happily went and bought more expensive, better quality nails, and was rewarded with all of those nails going in as they were supposed to.

One wall up.
08-19-12 (4)

Putting up walls.
08-19-12 (1)

08-19-12 (6)

Getting ready to cut the door hole out on one side, then another sheet of T1-11 went up and he cut the other side.
08-19-12 (16)

Four walls.
08-19-12 (20)

Ready for a roof.  Too bad an open roof is not practical.
08-19-12 (21)

08/19/2012 - The Shed has walls!  The window hole still needs to be cut out, but the next task is putting a roof on it before Oregon rainy season starts.
233_366 08-19-12


  1. Yea! I love having a shed! No more chemicals smelling up our garage and all the pool and lawn/garden stuff is in one easy-to-find-it location. I added a workbench to one end which has really been nice for potting plants and small projects...even tho I have to drag an extension cord out to it. MUCH better than soil swirling all around the garage...and the soil fits nicely in big plastic bins that slide under the bench. Enjoy yours!!! ~Deb

  2. WOW! Great looking shed, So Does the great Shed builder want to build another one? Smaller like 6x6x6 ? OH great builder of the sheds God!! Can you hear me??? LOL LOL LMAO B.V.


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