21 August 2012

Ahh, end of summer, back to school, schedule changing, too much to do and not enough time CRAZINESS!

And that is how I get behind...again...on so many things.  This blog is just one.

But I've been able to keep up on 366s though, just not get them loaded and updated.

I've been hearing a lot of questions about how The Shed project is going so let's get this party started and get this shit up-to-date.  Sorry though, the next post will be about The Shed.

08/16/12 - Pretty Leia
230_366 08-16-12

08/17/12 - Wrong sized beds, silly doggies.
231_366 08-17-12

08/18/12 - Potato tower update coming!  The vines were all dying back so I cut them all off, waited a couple of days like instructions I found online said to do (to help prevent rot) and then dug up potatoes today (08/21/12).
232_366 08-18-12

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