14 January 2013

Fernhill Wetlands

13_365 01-13-13

Since I was up early Saturday morning, all the frost we had was gorgeous, and I got the new lens I had ordered for my camera Friday (a Nikkor 35 mm f/1.8G DX)(did not pay that price) that I wanted to play with, I decided to go out to Fernhill Wetlands.

It was very cold! I think about 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

With my sweater, heavy coat and gloves, my upper half was warm, but my jeans didn't cut it and my legs were so cold by the time I climbed back in the car...2 hours later.  I was rewarded with some great photos that I'm very happy with.

When I got home I noticed I lost my lens cap (seriously, brand new lens and I lose the lens cap GAH!) so Sunday Robert went back out with me to look for it.  We didn't find it.

This first image here is from Sunday, which was also frosty but not as cold out.  It was later in the day so the fog had already burned off and some of the ice had melted. on the path (which made things muddy).

The ducks amuse me so much.  I could spend hours watching them swim in circles and wiggle their tails in the air while they dive for food. And when they're out of the water and they waddle around; very cute.

Now, the images I got Saturday.  I love my new lens, I love these images.

01-12-13 (64) copy

Ducks and geese in the fog.

01-12-13 (53) copy

Do you know what these are?

01-12-13 (56) copy

Fuzzy bars

01-12-13 (43) copy

Frozen path

01-12-13 (28) copy

I think this is a crane.

01-12-13 (18) copy

Frosty Queen Anne's Lace

01-12-13 (13) copy
Unknown plant

01-12-13 (10) copy

Waddling away

01-12-13 (8) copy

Gaggle of Geese


  1. I think your mystery plant is thistle. That's what popped into my head and "winter thistle" in an image search looks close, I think. Beautiful photos!


    1. Agreed, that looks/sounds right. Thank you!


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