05 January 2013

Unimpressed pug

Unimpressed pug is unimpressed.

Or maybe, Pug is not amused.

3_365 01-03-13 copy

Adam has spent his Christmas break grounded from video games, and doing chores. He was in trouble for saying he didn't have homework when he actually did.  This is a repeating problem for him it seems.  He gets in trouble, is grounded for ages, and then claims to have learnt his lesson and does better.  For awhile... usually until the next school year.

He was caught in the lie two days before Christmas break, and we spent two days deciding fully what his punishment(s) would be.  We were not happy that he wouldn't get to do any of the fun things that he wanted to do for his break, not to mention about half of his gifts wouldn't get to be touched. But, we are VERY firm believers in following through with threats/consequences/punishments and so we had to do it.

I asked on Facebook "what would you do?" and received some suggestions for having him do extra chores.  I then asked "What is your most disliked chore?" and Adam pretty much did them all -- dusting, vacuuming, helping with laundry (which he does anyways), dishes (which it was his month to help anyways), doggy duty pick-up like every other day, cleaning the cat box (I enjoyed the break from that chore SO MUCH), raking leaves, storm debris clean-up, taking out the garbage and recycling (which he does anyways), sweeping and moping, cleaning bathrooms (which he helps with anyways).

And all was accompanied by many many discussions about why he needs to do his homework even if he doesn't like it and why he is to never lie to us. Especially, that he is to never lie to us.

We let him off grounding two days ago and he is enjoying a couple new video games.

4_365 01-04-13 copy

I think he was playing Halo 3 - which apparently needs a serious concentration face.

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  1. He looks very serious, or maybe a little frustrated. Thanks BV


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