31 January 2013

Sick days

Carus has been feeling poorly this week.  She came home from school early Monday and woke up a bit off Tuesday.  Since she didn't have a fever, and she begged me to go to school so she wouldn't miss a test and she could get her spelling homework (so she would have more than one day to do it), I let her go and she was fine.

Wednesday she woke up SICK and had a fever so I kept her home.  She begged to go again and when I told her no she started giving me a silent treatment. That sure showed me.  And it also didn't last long because how else was she going to tell me how awful she felt?

30_365 01-30-13I "stayed home" from work to take care of her (she gets very whiny and clingy when sick) and by the afternoon I wasn't feeling great myself. But I was feeling guilty about not getting anything done around the house.  I did some laundry and a little bit of dishes before I was called away to cuddle with Carus while she was supposed to be napping but couldn't because she didn't feel good. I ended up taking a nap with her, which made me feel more guilty but did make me feel better.  Wednesday evening Adam had a band concert and since they aren't long and Carus was feeling better we all went.

Adam enjoys dressing up for his band concerts and was adamant about wearing his tie.  And I especially like band concerts for that. Not the best shot, he didn't want to pose for me, but I'll take it.

By the time we got home from the concert, Carus was feeling awful again and was at the point in her sickiness where she was crying over every little thing.  She required me to climb into her bed with her to go to sleep, which she hasn't needed for years now.  Is it wrong of me to have enjoyed that a little bit?

31_365 01-31-13It was no surprise that this morning she was much sicker. She begged me to let her wake up and get up for a bit and then rolled over and went back to sleep before I could finish telling her no.  And because I wasn't feeling too hot (or feeling a little too hot, still had/have a low fever) I decided I would not feel guilty about using today as a chance for me to get better too.  I'm still working on that though.  Robert is helping and assuring me that I have nothing to feel guilty about, that I'm still a good mom even if I didn't do dishes and laundry today.  He also made dinner tonight - grilled cheese and soup.  He even made the grilled cheese exactly how I like it.

Carus just before bed time tonight - the time in bed and on the couch resting is helping - she's getting goofy and silly.

Bed time was just as hard though. "I don't want to go to bed.  I don't feel good." Well, duh kid. Go to bed, and stay there.

And now I'm going to bed early.  There is no school tomorrow so I don't have to get up early, and hopefully I'll wake up in the morning without my lungs feeling heavy, my throat sore and scratchy, my head no longer pounding, my sinuses not burning, and last but not least this darn fever gone.

But if not, Robert said he will stay home and take care of me.

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  1. Hope you guys are all feeling better now. We are too.Thanks for sharing BV


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